GOOD TO KNOW 

  • Therapeutic riding sessions last 30 minutes and are individual. 

  • The rider must be at least 4 years old.

  • He must be able to walk and sit independently.

  • Sessions take place in 
    Moshav Beit Ytzhak (3km from Netanya).

  • Coverage of Kupot Holim MEUHEDET and LEUMIT


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"Our son Or first got therapeutic riding lessons in another farm and it seemed more like a riding activity than a therapy. When he started with Martine, I saw a big difference ! it was real therapy focused on Or, his difficulties and his abilities rather than his riding skills. 

He very much enjoyed the connection with his horse and teacher ; the sessions have brought him stability, he feels more  secure at home and at school.

Thank you :-)


  Yohav, Hadera



I use the Therapy assisted by horses to help children (minimum age : 4), adolescents and adults suffering from physical, emotional and/or cognitive disorders to better face the challenges of their daily life.

When you think of riding, you think of balance, coordination, movement separation, rhythm, strong back, stomach and shoulder muscles, nice upright posture and maybe sore buttocks ;-)

But riding also requires good planning and organisational skills, concentration , listening, memory, assertiveness and leadership, setting and respect of limits. 

It's about riding but not only ! 

The patient learns to create bonding and to communicate with the horse, as well as to take care of and pamper him.

The relation between the rider and the horse is one of the secrets of the success of this therapy.

The horse operates as a mirror to reflect the emotions of the rider; it doesn't judge and this allows the rider to

fully be himself and to become more aware of

who he is, 

how he behaves and

what he would like to improve.


The movement of the horse also has a calming and regulatory action, impacting the rider both physically and emotionnally


The natural environment  and the fun aspect of the riding are 2 great sources of motivation that encourage the rider to go beyond himself and to make the necessary efforts to progress, regardless the nature of his difficulties.

Practically, how can it help you ? 3 aspects are concerned :


Cognitive :

Riding calls on many cognitive skills; through all the exercises that he will be given to perform, the rider will in particular develop and improve his
- concentration 
- listening and attention abilities
- organisation, planning and programming skills
- learning skills
- space orientation and visualisation


Emotional :

Through riding therapy, the patient will also develop and reinforce a wide range of emotional aspects. According to his needs, emphasis will be put by the instructor on specific aspects in order to improve the patient's :
- self-confidence and self-esteem, thanks to achievements and successful implementation of tasks
- empathy and respect, through the rider's team work with the horse
- self-control, within the rigorous framework of the riding 

- assertiveness, while being the horse's leader
- communication and social interaction skills, through his connection to the horse and through the farm staff. Through the connection to the horse and the natural environment, therapeutic riding can help the autistic child develop some verbal and/or non verbal communication 
- management of fears, through gradual overpassing of oneself and through relaxation techniques, 


Physical :

Body-wise, riding has a beneficial impact on :
- upper and lower body muscle strength
- posture
- balance
- coordination
- gross and fine motor skills
- tonus and strength regulation


Important : to ride with Reins of Life, the rider must be able to walk and sit independently.



I'm so proud !
I'm so proud !
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Do you want to say something to him?
Do you want to say something to him?
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I'll tell you a secret ...
I'll tell you a secret ...
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Up high !
Up high !
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Working on posture
Working on posture
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The horse likes it !
The horse likes it !
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Can you believe it ?
Can you believe it ?
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