What is it ? 

It's a therapy that uses the horse as a mean of intervention to tackle cognitive, emotional and physical disorders.

Reins of Life offers a therapy that puts more emphasis on the patient than on the actual learning of riding. The patient is given full space and all the attention of a private instructor, in a secure environment.

In team with a horse, the patient

- reinforces his abilities, 

- acquires tools to get over his difficulties,

- realises his potential. 

You dream of riding ? 

With Reins of Life, your dream will come true and you will discover that riding allows you much more than just learning how to ride.

Fun, freedom, peace of mind, achievements, self-consciousness and much more ... 

About therapeutic riding

A little about  ...


Hello, I am Martine, an instructor of therapeutic and sportive horse riding licensed from Wingate Institute.

I fell in love with horses at the age of 6 during a "week-end on a farm" and have remained fascinated by them ever since. 

Why did I choose to become a therapeutic riding instructor ?

I wanted to assist people in improving their well-being on a daily basis and to empower them. At the same time, I wanted to be close to horses.

When I discovered therapeutic riding, I just knew it was the perfect combination and I followed my passion.

Every day I commit myself to teaching and guiding is rewarding; every smile of a child feeling he is progressing and enjoying is a bless !


I am originally from Belgium and teach in Hebrew, English and French

Martine : Therapeutic riding and riding instructor
Tel : 054-2240774


Moshav Beit Ytzhak (3km from Netanya) 


Languages : Hebrew, English and French

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